H3/H3T Hummer Stainless Steel Rear Axle U Bolt Skidz

Made of 304 Stainless Steel, Laser Cut from CAD, we use four pieces of 1/4" thick plate, custom press formed, TIG welded together with heavy SS rod.

With Roc Doc U Bolt Skidz, you never have to worry about rear U Bolt or shock mount damage, our I-Beam design can't be crushed, protects the shock mount bolt, will not rust, can be painted if you choose to do so, and reduces hang ups on all kinds of obstacles.  The perfect complement to our Rear Differential Cover to withstand all the elements to be encountered on the road, and off it.

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U Bolt Skidz   Parts Included:
  • Pair of Roc Doc U Bolt Skidz
 Tired of U Bolt Skid Plate rust and corrosion?  Install these and forget about it, for ever! 


PRICE: $239.99 Plus shipping
*Contact us for shipping quotes outside the 48 US States

  Minimum Tools Needed:
  • Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • 22MM Deep Socket
  • Jack
  • Jack Stands




Diff Cover Wide

Rocks view

          Roc Doc U Bolt Skidz Install Instructions.pdf



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